Had a nice interview with Dr. Zeldes from our School of Journalism on some of my topics of research interest (e.g., psychology of avatar race and gender stereotyping, ethics in Second Life, etc.). 
Professor "Robby" Ratan: the man behind the skateboard
Attending 8 a.m. lectures can be tough, especially if it's a topic that you're not very interested in. However, assistant professor Rabindra "Robby" Ratan, who teaches Intro to Media and Info Tech 101 in Wells Hall has changed the game when it comes to teaching his 8 a.m. lecture, simply by skateboarding.

“I started to stand on my board while I was teaching, probably in 2014,” assistant professor Ratan said. “I realized it made me have more fun while I was teaching.”

Ratan’s passion for skateboarding was sparked one evening while walking with his family on the Venice Beach boardwalk in Los Angeles, where he was working on getting his doctorate degree.

The awesome team at Kindea Labs put together this great video summary of my avatars research!  
Me and my antics ...did some rapping at the International Communication Association conference in Japan. 
I've done this final rap a few times now, but this has a new beat (which I think I like this more)...
This song is my expression of ten life lessons that I hope my kiddos will learn someday.  The rhythm and rhyme scheme follow a Biggie song about the ten rules of being a good crack dealer ...obvious inspiration.