My goal — in research and generally — is to make a positive impact on our society.

Toward this end, I enjoy sharing my research and other scholarly messages publicly with research communities and at public talks (e.g., TedX MSU). I also conduct interviews with news media, write op-ed pieces (e.g., on gaming toxicity), and host the SPARTIE-cast podcast. Posts with specific news articles and podcast episodes can be found on the SPARTIE-lab website.

Here are some titles of talks/keynotes I have given:

  • “The Proteus Effect: From theory to avatarification”
  • “Experiences of Human-Machine Interaction, Applied”
  • “From Avatars to Avacars: Vehicles of self for automotive UX”
  • “Avatar Psychology: Matters of Mediated Self-Representations, from Digital Characters to Automobiles”
  • “Fortnite Decoded”
  • “Addressing the Gender Equity in Games Problem through Avatars”
  • “Understanding Avatars: The real implications of mediated selves”
  • “Video Games are Good for your Brain: Why stop some people from playing?”
  • “Gender, Games, and Avatars: A discussion of how and why videogames are not fulfilling their potential to reduce social disparity”
  • “Avatars for Empowerment (in Education): A case for promoting social equality in education through avatar use”

I am happy to field inquiries about speaking/interviews: