Consulting & Speaking


I am open to consulting opportunities related to my areas of expertise: avatars, agents/AI, virtual reality, and behaviors in online games and virtual worlds.

Most recently, my consulting activities have focused on issues of the metaverse and future media technology. Please feel free to reach out on LinkedIn if you are interested.


I am also open to opportunities to serve as a keynote or invited speaker. Here are some of my keynote/invited talk titles:

  • “Getting Versed in the Metaverse: How will virtual reality, avatars, and cryptoassets transform the future of work, education, and socializing?”
  • “Go Fake Yourself: could deep fake avatars promote well-being and equity?”
  • “The Metaverse has Arrived, Hello Classes in VR, Goodbye Zoom Fatigue …j/k!”
  • “User-Avatar Bond: Risk and Opportunities in Gaming and Beyond”
  • “The Proteus Effect: From theory to avatarification”
  • “From Avatars to Avacars: Vehicles of self for automotive UX”
  • “Understanding Avatars: The real implications of mediated selves”
  • “Avatars for Empowerment (in Education): A case for promoting social equality in education through avatar use” (TedX MSU).