All work and no play makes me feel more mature than I really am. These days, my work-to-play ratio is much larger than it used to be, but at least it has not yet reached “#DIV/0″.

Video games: 

Students always ask me what my favorites are.  My somewhat recent (past decade) indulgences include: Rocket League, Destiny, Overwatch, CS:GO,  League of Legends, Super Smash …and some other Wii games w my kids.


I’ve dabbled in sax, rap, and poetry for most of my life. This is my rap proposal to my wife.


Nothing beats playing with my progeny.


Skateboarding is my favorite mode of transportation and maintaining student attention. I’ve recently taken up ice hockey and running. Racquetball is my lost love. Sometimes, you can find me in the club …no bottle full of bub, but dancing like there was.