Video Games: 

Students always ask me what my favorites are. Though I do not play very often, I do sometimes get to try new games …mostly for research purposes ;), of course, but also to hang with my kiddos. Over the past decade, I have really enjoyed Super Smash Bros, BoTW, Valorant, Population One, League of Legends, CS:GO, Destiny, Rocket League, and Zooba. But my guilty (& ironic) video game pleasure recently (2021+) has been playing chess online on! …ironic because people tend too see chess as more intellectual than newer video games, but IMHO (actually, IMEO), the cognitive benefits of playing chess are essentially equivalent to many currently blockbuster games.


I’ve dabbled in saxophone, rap, and poetry for most of my life. I have also taken up the ukelele recently. This is my rap proposal to my wife.


Nothing beats playing with my progeny.


Skateboarding is my favorite mode of transportation and maintaining student attention. Over the past decade, ice hockey has been my favorite sport, running my most challenging, racquetball my lost love, and basketball my favorite shortcoming. And if there are hip-hop beats within earshot, I usually cannot help but dance and occasionally freestyle rap.

people playing hockey