Entrepreneurial Endeavors


I started a consulting LLC with a former student, High Five Insights. We specialize in Data Analytics, Google Adwords, Web Development, and Foodtography.

I also consult individually on topics related to my areas of research expertise (e.g., avatars, social/psychological understandings of automobiles, videogames and gender, etc.) .


In college, I imagined myself in an entrepreneurial career, starting businesses and playing the Game of Silicon Valley Thrones.  To that end, I started working at the student-run Stanford Store my sophomore year as a sales rep. My senior year, I ran the store as Director, luckily not into the ground.  I also worked at other Stanford Student Enterprises businesses, such as Flicks (second-run films shown weekly, no longer in business) and the Directory (local marketing).  While I deeply appreciated those experiences, they also taught me that the business world was less appealing to me than academia, at least as my day job.

stanford student store logo


Still, I have dabbled in side-biz start-ups throughout my academic career.  A few years into my PhD program, I started a business with, Belinda Liu, an awesome person I met on a plane one day.  Our company, Tech urSelf, Inc., produced urWell, a self-tracking app focused on mental well-being. Unfortunately, the app never pivoted into its niche and I reduced my focus on it when I started the prof job.

urWell app icon


I have also served as a consultant/affiliate to Ninja Metrics, a game analytics company run by my former PhD adviser (Dmitri Williams), and HiveQuest, the successor of Tech urSelf, Inc.