Research Overview:

Generally, I conduct research on the psychological and social effects of human-technology interaction, examining how media technologies (e.g., avatars, agents, automobiles) influence meaningful outcomes (e.g., persuasion, education, health/safety). 

Here are some examples of current and recent research questions: 

    • In what ways can avatars and virtual worlds be harnessed to improve performance and motivation in education, health, and business activities? 
    • How can virtual meeting platforms better support well-being and social equity?
    • What is the state of the metaverse (i.e., the interconnection of virtual worlds) beyond gaming? 
    • How can social interactions with transportation technologies (e.g. autonomous vehicles, escooters, etc.) be designed to improve user trust, safety, and adoption?
    • To what extent are gender stereotypes in the video game context responsible for gender disparity in STEM fields and how can video games/avatars better combat stereotype threat?

I have authored over 60 peer-reviewed articles in publication venues such as Media Psychology, the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Communication Research, Computers in Human Behavior, Games and Culture, New Media & Society, Computers & Education, and SIGCHI.