Courses Taught

These are the main courses that I teach at MSU.

  • Avatar Use, Psychology and Significance¬†
    Theory and research on the psychological experience and effects of avatar use
    Example syllabus here
    (note: this course is undergoing significant changes to focus more on a game/VR design-student audience)
  • Science Fiction, Communication and Technology
    Examination of relationship between science fiction themes and our lives.
    MSU AT&T award for Best Blended Course, 2015.
    Example syllabus here
  • Media and Technology (PhD Seminar)
    PhD seminar on theories of media and technology use.
    Example syllabus here.
  • Understanding Media (large intro course for ~300 undergrads)
    Introduction to various topics of research and history of media
    Example syllabus here.
  • Video Game Impacts: Play with Meaning (Honors Research Seminar)
    Hand-on research course in which honors undergraduate students conduct video-game studies.
    Course only available for freshman/sophomores enrolled in the Honors College.